Trail Mix

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Trail Mix


Bengal gram (channa), Peanuts, chana jor, coated sunflower, Gram flour, wheat flour, flaxseeds, melon seeds, black current, kiwi, seasoning mix( sucrose, dried green mango powder, lemon juice powder and extract, salt spices, maltodextrin, citric acid(E330),edible common salt, rock salt, starch, tartaric acid(E334), Milk solids, Black pepper, Edible vegetable Palmolein oil and Antioxidants (E306) (Oil sprayed for Seasoning application only).


  • Bengal gram is a fairly healthy food choice because it contains a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals per calorie.
  • Chana or Chickpeas have a low fat content and can serve as an excellent stomach filling food that will not add to your body fat.
  • It has flaxseeds which contain healthy fat and fiber. It promotes satiety and induces weight loss as also improving the cardiovascular health.
  •  Melon seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which prevent cardiovascular diseases.
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