Oat Mix Wasabi

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Oat Mix Wasabi

Preserved of its nutrients with ZERO CHOLESTEROL and ZERO TRANSFAT                                                                                        

KEY INGREDIENTS                                                                      

Bengal Gram (Chana) (30%),Rice Flakes (20%),Jowar Flakes (19%), Seasoning Mix (Sugar, Edible Common, oat flakes salt, Spices and  Condiments  (Onion, Garlic,  Mustard,  Chili,  Pepper,  Ginger,  Parsley),Hydrolyzed vegetable  Protein  (Soya), Acidifying Agent  (E330),  Edible Vegetable Oil  (Oil Sprayed for Seasoning Application Only).


  • Oats contain a soluble fiber called beta glucan helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
  •  It has Bengal gram which is a rich source of protein, helps to increase the muscle mass in the body. It is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps in reducing cholesterol, blood sugar levels, heart diseases and obesity.
  • Jowar is gluten free, high protein, high fiber, iron rich grain. it is helpful for people with gluten intolerance, and lowers the risk of obesity, stroke, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases.
  • Rice flakes are easy to digest and go easy on the gut.
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